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ADHD Coaching: Thinking About Thinking

Posted Mar 25 2012 12:00am
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    ADHD Coaches Embrace

    If you are an ADHD coach and haven’t yet connected with the ACO, the ADHD Coaches Organization , now is the time to get on it and get cracking – their ACO annual meeting in Atlanta this weekend was simply outstanding. If you are an aspiring or active ADHD coach, this meeting has your name on it. Gotta go, – get ready for next year! – Sign up over at this page on the ACO website for updates.

    - And metacognition is a process that highlights what this meeting was all about.

    Metacognition at first sounds complicated – but it isn’t. Metacognition is the new game changer in ADHD recovery and treatment. It doesn’t matter if you’re coaching, writing for meds and other medical interventions, or simply trying to learn more about how to work your own ADHD recovery program – metacognition is all about watching the self, about self observation. It’s about watching what your own brain does with itself.

    Metacognition is thinking about your own thinking process – instead of not thinking about it! icon wink ADHD Coaching: Thinking About Thinking

    Russell Barkley Agrees On Attention Talk Radio With Jeff Copper

    Listen to this interview: -> take time to listen to these two guys discuss what metacognition and ADHD/EFD prefrontal cortical challenges are all about. In my own opinion: Barkley is the world thought leader on this imperative Metacognitive topic as they discuss the details of precise brain function assessments and, ultimately, ADHD/EFD coaching:


    Think: Executive Function Disorder EFD

    Quite surprisingly, in my own opinion, those with ADHD often find themselves over-thinking and relentlessly self-watching, but don’t know how to organize and stick with priorities that arise with self awareness. Actually those who suffer with ADHD are often too self aware, too self critical and lost because the sorting, the Executive Function is disorganized. The most important and imperative metacognitive consideration: the deal breaker diagnosis for ADHD folks is not Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, because EFD isn’t a Deficit, it’s Attention Abundance Disorder. With EFD, if you’re thinking, you’re far more likely to be over-thinking. icon eek ADHD Coaching: Thinking About Thinking

    ADHD coaching is working to improve all of that confusion – to set priorities and first recognize the quality of the unbalanced thinking, and correctly identify the EFD process is an unbalanced metacognitive activity. As a side note: that’s also why, last year, way before all of this current discussion, I titled my book,  ADHD Medication Rules – Paying Attention To The Meds For Paying Attention – a metacognitive medication delivery concept ignored by so many who are in metacognitive denial.

    The ADHD Rules Are Changing

    At the ACO meeting most of the coaching luminaries were there who have significantly contributed to the evolution of ADHD coaching as a process, and we all, quite frankly, had a ball together. It’s about being on the same path. The meetings and presentations: uniformly stimulating. The conversations and networking: outstanding. The organization of the meeting: refreshingly predictable [I've been to some meetings recently that suffered from little to no planning - the metacognition was hiding out somewhere in denial.]

    I’ll do everything I can to be there next year, and hope you set your sights on joining us there for another serious game changer. It looks like the ACO coaches are clearly carrying the torch for more scientific approaches.


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