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ADHD And NeuroScience – San Francisco

Posted Apr 04 2011 12:00am
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Solutions Evolve With Evidence
About a year ago I traveled out to Sacramento, San Jose and San Francisco for three days of speaking to medical professionals who focus on treating ADHD, – and loved the opportunity  to discuss the many new insights on the evolving pharma side of ADHD life – specifically Intuniv .

Intuniv, as reported intuniv -for-adhd-stimulant-side-effects/”>here at CorePsych Blog and elsewhere , is an interesting medication that announces a completely different approach to ADHD treatment with a non-stimulant application beyond AMP and products. The news on Intuniv is most interesting, as it brings to the treatment table pharmacologic insights into brain function associated with in the pre-frontal cortex mediated not by dopamine, not by norepinephrine, but by glutamate, a completely new neurotransmitter on ADHD treatment radar.

NeuroScience Adds Additional ADHD Insights
ADHD is indeed more complicated than first glance at the current fascination with diagnostic appearances so far away from the underlying neurophysiology . Reporting here at CorePsych Blog we have been posting you on so many of these interesting new paths from SPECT brain imaging to a variety of other neurotransmitters including PEA that can significantly address ADHD symptoms – if, quite simply, they are measured precisely. – Which brings us to the NeuroScience perspective.

Of the labs in the country seeking deeper, more cellular and intracellular, answers to the complexity of brain function in general, and specifically with ADHD, NeuroScience stands out as a significant thought leader with applied neuroscience answers that translate on both a clinical and practical, economic level for those suffer with a variety of brain challenges. Recently I posted a brief report on 171 subsets of biomedical conditions that can significantly contribute to ADHD symptoms to punctuate the complexity of new scientific advances in brain evidence regarding ADHD.

Meeting In San Francisco
With all these new investigations and ADHD progress on both the pharma and the laboratory levels it’s a special pleasure for me to have the opportunity to present some of these new findings with the NeuroScience team – Dr Gottfried Kellerman and Dr Sirid Kellerman – April 30 at an all day meeting at the Hotel Vitale on Mission Street, at the Embarcadero, in San Francisco . Dr Gottfried Kellerman, the founder and CEO of NeuroScience, and Dr Sirid Kellerman, his daughter and a molecular/cellular immunologist, are pioneers in the application of Neuro-Endo-Immune [NEI] SuperSystem assessments, from ADHD to brain injury and Autism. Two cases I will present cover the complexity of Autism and Asperger’s, and every case presents an appearance of ADHD with the details of the underlying neurophysiology of NEI findings. Contact Christina Cowger [at the Events Calender on this CorePsych Blog page] if you are a professional on the West Coast thinking about adding to your professional quiver some diagnostic and treatment arrows that work more predictably for ADHD than “just try this.”

Hope to see you there! – And if you can’t make it I’ll keep you posted on the details here,

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