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Posted Sep 01 2012 1:21pm
For as many years as I can remember, my wife has pointed out to me that “there is light at the end of the tunnel.” Those of you who have raised children, know what I’m talking about.   Those of you who are currently raising children should read this article!My answer to “there is light at the end of the tunnel” has always been, “Yeah, it’s a freight train, and it is going to run me over!”   Last night my train pulled into the station and it didn’t run me over; it bowled me over!   I hate when Renee is right.   Honey, you get a free I told you so this time.Back to my story.   Raising Jeremy was a challenge.   Jeremy didn’t dislike school, he hated it!   My son was a highly social kid, full of energy and friends.   School requited him to stifle his energy, sit at a desk, ignore his friends, and concentrate on “boring” book work.   School was agony.   As our educational system often does, Jeremy was berated and punished, often making him feel like a failure.Everybody has a gift; but, in our current educational system, many gifted people are under-appreciated.   Jeremy’s gifts were many.   Unfortunately, the least appreciated gift in our school system isAttention Deficit Disorder(ADD).   I have written about ADD elsewhere and will simply say that many people with ADD struggle in school and subsequently in life.Jeremy certainly spent many years struggling with ADD.   Last night my train pulled into the station.   Jeremy is now a very responsible, hard working, married man with a big heart.   It was late at night and our Memorial Day party was in full swing.   I walked out back and found Jeremy in deep conversation with my friend Ted.   They were talking business.   I’ve never really seen my son in business mode and Jeremy was in full business mode.   Ted has been in sales for over 30 years, Jeremy for 4.   I sat in awe as they tossed around acronyms, facts, and figures.  At one part of the conversation, Ted and Jeremy discussed interviewing techniques and what they look for in salesmen in order to maximize success and meet sales expectations.   Ted challenged Jeremy, stating that after 30 years in sales, he still finds it difficult to discern who will be good and who will not.   Jeremy never missed a beat.   He clearly defined what he looks for in a candidate to maximize success.   Rather than getting run over, I was blown away.   I am one proud father!So, if you are raising a difficult kid and your wife tells you, “there is light at the end o the tunnel,”   sit back and relax a little.   Your train is going to pull into the station before you know it!   Help your child find his/her gift!
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