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ADD & The Egg Timer

Posted Feb 15 2012 10:12am

I’ll have mine scrambled please. Many ADD’ers are a little scrambled, when it comes to staying on top of things in an organized fashion. I’m very organized and productive, but one thing that challenges me, is forgetting little things when I’m in the middle of doing them. A great example would be laundry. I’ll put a load in and then come back up stairs and continue with everyday life. Five hours later I’ll remember, I’ve got laundry on the go. If I’m cooking something, I need a reminder that something will be done in 10 minutes as another example.

Enter one of the simplest and easiest ways to remind you that you’ve got to remember to do something. The egg timer. Traditionally egg-timers were small hourglasses and time had seen this little invention evolve into timers on watches, stoves, digital timers and a simple $4 egg timer with a bell that I can hear through the house like show in the picture above. If I’m doing anything around the house from laundry, to cooking, timing the tutor with my kids and many other reminders I need, they good old fashion egg timer has proven to be one of the best tools anyone who needs an occasional reminder could use. To quote Vincent Price’s criminal character Egg Head from the classic TV show Batman……”it is EGGcellent”.

Vincent Price as Egg Head in Batman, yes, very scary!

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