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ADD & Sales People & The Workplace

Posted Dec 03 2010 12:17pm

Is there a better union of two, becoming one? It’s almost as though ADD needs sales people, and sales people need ADD. For people with ADD/ADHD, careers in sales are often the perfect fit. Let’s review some of the typical ADD symptoms; the need to be active, social, creative, confident………………..hey, this is starting to sound like an advertisement for a sales person! Coincidentally, these are all traits sales people need to be successful.

According to Kathleen G. Nadeau, Ph.D. at, “ADD (ADHD) traits that may have been a negative in school can become an asset on the job”. For example:

“Hyperactivity” in school can translate into high energy and drive.
• Those who “talk too much in class” may become highly successful at networking, promotions, and sales.
• Students who were “distractible” in class, always looking around, may find that they “notice everything” in a valuable way on the right job.
• Many who “couldn’t keep their mind on homework” are very able to focus on the real world engaging in hands-on activities.
• An individual who “daydreamed” in class may become an adult with valuable, creative ideas.
• A teen with ADD (ADHD) who “wastes hours on computer games” may become a talented computer scientist who hyperfocused for hours on his work.

To learn more about ADD in the workplace, please see what else Kathleen has to say at

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