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ADD Moods

Posted Jan 05 2012 9:10am

Many people with ADD can go through some emotional mood swings , not all…….so if I’ve offended you please make sure you look closely at the way I phrased that, I said “many” and “can”, not “all”. Yes, there is a long story behind that. Your own moods can be extremely deceptive. They can, and probably do, trick you into believing that your life is far worse than it actually is. When you’re in a good mood, life looks great. You have perspective, common sense, and wisdom. In good moods, things don’t feel so hard, problems seem less formidable and easier to solve. When you’re in a good mood, relationships seem to flow and communication is easy. If you are criticized, you take it in stride.

A low mood is not the time to analyze your life. To do so is emotional suicide. If you have a legitimate problem, it will still be there when your state of mind improves. The trick is to be grateful for our good moods and graceful in our low moods – not taking them too seriously. The next time you feel low, for whatever reason, remind yourself, “This too shall pass” and it will. Moods are a part of any persons life, sometimes they need to be worked on, as ADD can have an impact. Things like exercise, food & nutrition, medication and relaxation can lessen the impact of mood swings.

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