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ADD Food & Nutrition Challenge – Part 2: The Cure For ADD/ADHD?

Posted Jan 17 2011 10:32am

Mission Accomplished! On December 21, 2010 I posted an article here called ADD Food & Nutrition Challenge – Part 1 (Super-Hero Needed). My ADD nutritional super hero has arrived to save the day in Gotham!

This has been such a success, I have created a separate landing page here on my site (link is below) dedicated to an overview and the products and foods that have worked for me in this refinement in my life. The link is provided below.

When I sat down and met with Monika, my goals were to:

a) Improve what I was putting into my body, there was room for improvement and refinement.
b) Address why I was hitting the wall or crashing in the middle of the afternoon every day.
c) Wanted to lean out. I am in good shape, however I wanted to take it up to the next level and become leaner.

I am absolutely thrilled with the results! I am also pleased to announce that my focus, concentration and ability to manage ADD is at an all-time high! This process and these products work. This is no smooth line from a travelling salesman, who has an offer that is too good to be true. This is real. My health and nutrition guru, Monika set me up with some great products and nutritional planning. Monika has just launched her own blog at . She is just starting to get her pages completed, but trust me, she knows her stuff! Based on the above goals, here is what I have accomplished:

• Refined and healthier eating habits
• Better foods that digested easier and works in conjunction with maximizing my metabolism
• Balanced food planning that meets my busy life demands
• Better foods that offered me enough complex carbohydrates, the brain food!
• Greater focus & concentration
• More energy
• No energy crashes
• I feel better, every day….like a million bucks!

I almost feel like I don’t have ADD any more. Seriously, this has been a life changing experience for me. NUTRITION IS EVERYTHING!!! Below is the link to the landing page here on my site that outlines the products, foods and planning I have utilized in order to achieve these results. If you or anyone you know is challenged by ADD/ADHD, I recommended you have a good read of what has worked for me and consider if it could benefit you, as well. Click here to read more about my nutrition and food use My ADD Cure

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