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ADD and Gambling

Posted Nov 17 2008 11:51pm

Adults with ADD are more prone to addictive behavior. One addictive behavior that Adults with ADD need to be especially careful of is gambling.  Gambling and the debts caused by losing can cause financial problems that could take years to clear up.  Adults with ADD can be attracted to gambling because they are natural risk takers and it allows you to hyper-focus on the activity at hand. Casinos can attract Adults with ADD because they stay open late at night and it offers a constantly changing background of sight,sound and activity.   Here are some warning signals that you might have a gambling issue:

1. Borrowing money from friends and family or maxing out credit cards to pay gambling debts.

2. Continuing to gamble when it is causing problems with your personal life ( Work or Friends & Family)

3. Hiding your gambling from your friends and family

4. Feeling guilty about your gambling.

If you think you might have a gambling problem or know somebody who might have a gambling problem please go to the Gambler anonymous website

I used the following website to help me write this blog

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