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ADD/ADHD: Medication - 7 Tips to Identify the Bottom of the Therapeutic Window

Posted Oct 25 2008 1:06pm

Intro: Heads Up for This ADD Series -Details about getting the meds correctly adjusted.
This first post begins an ADD Medication Series - it's a "Window Series" - at least 7 posts will be covering the details regarding the Bottom of the Therapeutic Window.

I've talked about this Therapeutic Window Concept regularly on these pages but find your comments often ask for more detail. Let's take a moment here just to get the overview of this important concept.  BTW: This discussion, this series, is only a small portion of the discussion of my book Fixing the ADD Madness: The Patient's Guide to Medication Details. [-do sign up for some special bonus items over here on the right>]

The Essential Question About Meds:
Do you often find yourself wondering, "Just how do I get the medications straight for the best treatment for ADD/ADHD?"

You are clearly not the exception, but the rule. So many find that stimulant medications are managed without clear objectives - with vague assessment questions like: "Is it working?" - Join me in this series to understand the bottom of the window - how to recognize when the dose is simply not adequate, not enough.  about finding the top, here the bottom, and the sides of the Therapeutic window. This is the first in a series of seven posts on the bottom of that window.

Let's get this Window up and on our radar!

Soon these 7 points will be summarized in an article at Ezine Articles.

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