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Active listening is an important ...

Posted Mar 03 2009 4:07pm

Active listening is an important skill that will help any adult with ADD in the business world. I think the reason why many ADD adults have problems with listening is that they were taught to listen passively. Most of us were programmed to listen by school teachers who would lecture to the class, while most of us were off day dreaming because the lecture was boring. Active listening will help you better understand customers, co-workers, employees, and anyone else you talk to.

There are four steps involved in active listening:

1.  Verbally summarize what the speakers has told you. - This allows you to process the information a second time.

2. If you need more information ask leading statements such as "I would like to hear more"  - This allows the speaker to elaborate

3.After the speaker has elaborated, make sure you ask him or her questions - This will help to clear up misunderstandings and give you the information that you want.

4. When the conversation is about to come to an end it is time to summarize the conversation. - This will allow both you and the speaker a final opportunity to clear up any issues and to go over anything that needs to be done before a future conversation.

If you would like more information on active listening please go to the following web sites:

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