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Activation of New Laptop Battery

Posted Aug 27 2013 7:27am

Opinion 1: there will be about 3% electricity inside a newToshiba Laptop Battery replacement. So the battery should not recharge before the power has been exhausted. After the computer has shutdown, you can use the external power supply to charge the battery. Charging time must be more than 12 hours, and this process must be repeated three times to activate the battery.

Opinion 2: there is no need to charge the
Asus Laptop Battery replacementfor over 10 hours to activate the activity, and you can activate the battery with normal charge/discharge method.

Findings: among 24 notebook users, 18 people hold the second view, and also they find that this method does not cause any harm to the
Asus Laptop Batteries’s future use, of course, this has to exclude some natural damage factors.


Recommended approach: I agree with the second view. Based on some available data, the activation work of theHP Compaq Batteryshould have been completed in the factory. Some power has been remained in the battery to avoid damage caused by natural wear and tear. Usually the activation of the battery should be done in the absence of protection circuit. However, lithium batteries have been designed with protection circuit, and its purpose is to avoid excessive battery charge and discharge. Usually after the battery has charged full, the indicator light will turn off, so the battery will not recharged any electricity, which makes it meaningless to plug the laptop to charge. Whether the battery is charging can be judged from the battery conditions. In addition, there is a simple method for you to determine whether the battery is charging or not: there will have a fever phenomenon when the battery is charging, but after one hour when the battery is full (do not pull the plug), you can go to see if the battery is still hot or not?   The result is definitely cold, because the battery does not heat when it is not in charging and discharging state. Notebook manufacturers suggest a new battery to be charged for more than 10 hours. Some wrong views may be caused by this sentence. In the author's view, manufacturers recommend this method is simply because they have taken into account that some new notebook users do not fully grasp the skills of charging a new battery, so it is only a business of expediency to ask the users to charge ten hours.


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