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ABC News: What Can You Learn From A Rogue Music Teacher?

Posted Jun 17 2009 6:14pm

Being different in a world that has certain expectations tends to get a lot of criticism, especially when you are not a recognized celebrity or superstar (athlete, musician, etc…).  But when we suddenly find someone to be an inspiration, their quirkiness is accepted and often applauded.

Make sure you watch this video to see how one person truly can make a difference (and do so by standing out from the crowd and strumming to a different beat)….

I don’t know about you, but it is stories like this that make me want to jump up and take on the world.  Too many times we see people who are different as odd or strange.  And I can honestly tell you, being a kid in grade school – I might have found this to be strange.

But then again, I am not a singer and I don’t have confidence in my singing ability.

Lessons From A Music Teacher

  1. You can stand out from the crowd and be accepted and successful in a system that has very specific (and often unreal expectations).
  2. It takes a certain type of person / student to be comfortable enough to get on stage and sing solos (or stand in front of a crowd and give a presentation at the office)
  3. Encourage your differences or a child’s unique talents, because you just never know when they might blossom and inspire someone else.

There are plenty of lessons we can all learn about supporting a loved one who is different.  For me, this isn’t just about the work I do with families affected by ADHD.  This video is all about inspiring life and inspiring success – taking changes…

I really hope you will inspire someone to be themselves and give them hope that they might someday change the world.

After all, one person changing one life is far more dramatic than anything else I know.

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