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a string of beads of water down the nike blazer high hair has been flowing to the face

Posted Jan 10 2013 6:56am
Time was awakened by noisy gongs and drums, which find yourself being carried out of the master of the house. It's a success! After a thousand difficulties bitter, and finally into a beautiful wood carving of a worth a hundred times!Wood carving is beautiful. It is beautiful endured excruciating pain of others and stick to the end does not fall apart. Each after a setback, will add a touch of beauty. It has experienced more setbacks, will be more beautiful than others, more valuable.Summer, often to bring some inclusions unclear fragment associated with those memories will quietly break into my mind, the picture of the past are still fresh in my memory, indelible. Yes, the summer is always used to recall memories once the young have the finest life, heartfelt feelings ......Rainy days, the rain cheap supra footwear of the sky as if straight to the front before suddenly closing situation, a few boys want to experience the feeling of the rain out of the classroom to go to the playground. When we young, passionate, impulsive momentum situation and not received.

Students yelling will fall out of the classroom, I hesitated to go in the back, switched to want, why should they care that point the rain, even drenching and how, I would rather play a frankly. So, we ran to the playground, to experience the rain .The green plastic playground rainfall, color particularly eye-catching, running, Xixi, slipping also do not care, and still get up and smile, time to time Shuaishuaitou, rain mixed with sweat, the Department of into a string of beads of water down the nike blazer high hair has been flowing to the face, then covered with a cheerful face. Then I really appreciate a hearty sense of feel a courage to meet the wind and rain, the challenges of self-pleasure and satisfaction. Thinking back on it, only to find, and then move, not impulsive, but their initial brave.Station, I got out a burst of hot air hit head ah ~ June wind clip wearing a midsummer suffocating atmosphere. Somehow, I suddenly slowed down and let that hot air to disrupt my hair, I breathe deeply, ah! Long time no such big mouth breathing, looking ahead, already can see I live in a really tall building.
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