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a small tree and the jordan 7 cheap branches cut down and cut

Posted Oct 10 2012 8:23am
Burst bumpy and after burst trek, we came to the grave of their ancestors. Still so fresh mountain air, and all around or old gentile: chaotic trees, and weeds everywhere. The moist air, gray skies, four silent picturesque. Father, mother, uncle, aunt, they methodically busy .Then, pulling finished grass is preparing candles, candle too light, stage of instability, it is easy to fall on the gravestone, so my father and I struggled to think of a way. Bit by bit later, and finally my father first came up with the approach: he suddenly ran in front of a small tree and the jordan 7 cheap branches cut down and cut into a length a length of about 10 centimeters long, with a knife to the inside of the tree core gouged out, just plug in the candle. "Wow, this is simply to look just like the candlestick Yeah!" I was surprised shouted. Back gave the father "win" a Council, we must go back and "pull" back, I secretly thought in mind. But I also know when not succeed "hero" Only With admiration ancestors, this is a tribute to you we have offered to the ancestors through their own efforts!

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