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A shoelaces method equals to wearing a new pair of shoes Teach you how to dress up canvas shoes

Posted Nov 08 2012 6:22am

Editor's note: canvas shoes is self-evident lovely, cheap shoes canvas  but do you know the role of shoelace? Different method will bring you different feeling, and shoes will rebirth for your wanys, so learn how to tie shoelace with me.


Canvas shoes's lacing method is really a lot of species.  cheap canvas shoe   Once, I saw the canvas shoe lacing method in a magazine and thought it was interesting. Today, I share N lacing methods of canvas shoes.


Colored shoelace is also very popular in this year, especially with the canvas shoes, it is a trend of the vane!


Selectnig color shoelace, there is a benefit, it does not disgrace like white shoelace after a few days. Color caused the errors in the visual. You can reduce the frequency of washing shoelaces. If you fall in love with black laces because of this,  then you are really too lazy.


The color contrast and height contrast ... many kinds of asymmetric method, as long as you know. No person requiring shoelaces must be symmetrical with shoes. Wearing inconsistent shoes, you may be subject to doubt in a hurry to keep an appointment; lacing inconsistent shoelaces, you maybe creative a new trend.


Sports shoes' uppers only are black and white. Shoe is accompanied by a small magic bear pattern shoelaces black white side, and the other shoe is coupled with the skull and crossbones pattern and  the other one is accompanied by white with black shoelace. Simple and clean, strong contrast.


Next I teach you several ways to tie the laces, changing lacing method is just like a pair of new fashion. You are the talent oh.





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