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A Pharmacist Explains Generics and More

Posted Jun 15 2012 12:00am

A pharmacist has written an informative comment to my last post on generic-same-as-brand Concerta. (Thank you, RL in Florida!)  I am re-posting it here to make sure more readers have a chance to read this helpful information. Your comments and questions, welcome. – Gina

Hello Gina and everyone.

I’m chiming in on behalf of the pharmacists. Just a little background on me. I live and work in Florida at a Walgreens pharmacy. I’ve been in the profession for 8 years now; we  have a large base of ADHD patients and we keep a large stock of every medication for a large population.

After reading all of the posts here, I am sorry that everyone has experienced the problems they have written about here. I’m providing a little bit more information that may help some people even though some others may not accept it.

Pay Attention to Pill Markings

The first thing is about the markings and the tablets found in the US. When a generic medication is approved by the FDA for distribution, if it is not made with the same exact process and ingredients, the manufacturers are required to change the markings on it and often the shape or colors are also changed. This is to signify  the manufacturer of that medication, for identification purposes. If they change one iota of the manufacturing process or they change one ingredient such as a binder or filler or anything else, this holds true.

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