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A New System That Shows How To Release The Grip Of Anxiety, Fear, And Depression

Posted Jan 31 2013 6:22am
(1888PressRelease) What gets people sick or keeps them well are one in the same: the ability to manage the challenges of everyday life. For over 23 years as a general medical doctor, Dr. Charles Glassman, known as Coach MD has seen this trend. Thus, he created a system to help people get out of their own way, busting out of the limitations of their anxieties, fears, and even depression, which have become epidemic.

Charles Glassman, MD, FACP is founder of Coach MD, a transformational approach to healthcare. He has practiced general internal medicine, for over 23 years, in Rockland County, NY. In addition, He is the author of the critically acclaimed book Brain Drain and founder of the NY Center for Longevity & Wellness. His mission as Coach MD is for people to achieve total wellness and attain optimal health that reaches beyond diagnosis and medical treatment so to "live your everyday extraordinary". His goal is for people to have more control over their lives than they ever thought possible-mind, body and spirit working as one unit. 

Knowing that the challenges of everyday life are at the core of both illness and wellness, Dr. Glassman felt to be an authentic physician, he could not turn his back on this reality. Therefore, he created the new Pulse of Life Personal Coaching System. 

The 7-part Pulse of Life System is designed to help people breakthrough limitations such as anxiety, fear, and depression. Through specifically designed audio and visual programs as well as workbook exercises, this system helps people get to the core of what is holding them back so to help them feel liberated.

Some of the primary benefits of the program include: learning to take control over one's life; learning critical skills to breakthrough limiting and non-supportive behavior patterns; trainings to turn fears, anxiety, doubt and hesitation into optimism, excitement and enjoyment; ongoing support to reignite passion for life, while rekindling faith in oneself and others; continued guidance to step into one's true potential of making more money, having more fulfilling relationships and living to one's full life potential; and the ability to unleash the power of one's mind to "Live Your Everyday Extraordinary".

To learn more about Dr. Glassman and the Pulse of Life Personal Coaching System, visit 
Or to contact Dr. Glassman directly you may email him at 
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