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a humble reebok zigtech sale workers in the roughest years

Posted Dec 01 2012 6:03am
Present flowers are always beautiful, beautiful flowers can not live up to it! Accumulation of gloom, even though life can not stop the artless sun, even if the storm comes through, but still dazzling after the storms. Go, happy Hanada to find! That is belong was young. Whether how illusory ethereal happiness, I believe: I am a happy girl will find. Life must be so placid, haze broad surge. A distress man, a humble reebok zigtech sale workers in the roughest years, no horror screaming to fall down, breaking into a desperate powder, choosing instead to flowering in pain, open all the way to the warm yellow flowers, laugh forward or song with those in flat or bumpy road.Each time I met him, are accidental, many occasional glance, there was also a complete series into he. I have to be amazed at the coincidence of fate, the original in this world there are not any strangers.

The first time I saw him, I was in grade school. His jacket when he was still a pull briquettes, all day pedaling a tricycle, a coal ash, faces and bodies are also black devastated a total habit awry reebok easytone trainers uk cotton hat and the total is not accustomed to the Department of rope The unshakeable shape. He seems born so thin, a really angular face. But relying on such a small physique, he every morning is always timely pedaling tricycle filled with briquettes, humming the insane oldies, walking in the streets and alleys. Many times, the customer the total brush "Young man, when a bride ah?" Tomorrow, tomorrow marry, "he should cheerfully take him open. And landed on the car, singing love songs of the old bachelor, door-to-door delivering coal.
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