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A Guide to Learning Disabilities

Posted Aug 25 2008 3:20pm

I have known that my ADHD/LD son was "different" since he was a toddler. He just wasn't like the other children I came in contact with that were his age. He sat up later then his peers. He also walked later, talked later, etc. My friends and family tried to encourage me and would say things like..."he'll catch up, don't worry." But, I knew that it was something more serious. It wasn't until he was in the first grade that my concerns were validated. He was seven years old when his school diagnosed him with three learning disabilities: dyscalculia , dysgraphia , and dyslexia . I wish I had followed my gut instinct and insisted that he be tested for learning disabilities sooner. If you have the slightest feeling that your child may have a learning disability, I encourage you to follow through and have him/her tested. Besides the learning disabilites my child has been diagnosed with, there are others.

To read more about these and others, visit NCLD's specific LD's fact sheet . Also, for and age-by-age guide to learning disabilities, visit Family Education's " LD and Your Child: An Age-by-Age Guide ."

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