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a glimpse of organization

Posted Aug 13 2009 6:48pm
As I have said many times here before, my 10 year old daughter, Emma, has not been diagnosed with ADHD (I haven't asked) but I am pretty certain she is ADHD knowing all that I now know. ADHD or not, she is super disorganized.Something has changed for Emma recently though.

I have a terrible memory so I am constantly asking her to remind me of things I feel certainly I'll forget. Yesterday, in the frenzy of packing for our camping trip, I asked her to remind me of several things. And she said, "just write a note."

"Just write a note!"

I write notes but they tend to get buried in the chaos that is our home, life, family. Often I just don't bother.

So Emma starts leaving me reminder notes. Then, as I shut down everything to go to bed last night, I found that she also left herself notes. She had a note by her car bag of the last-minute items she still wanted to add for our trip. She also had a note on her bathroom counter to put her toothbrush and toothpaste on my bathroom counter for packing after she used them this morning.

I am so proud of her! And I am hopeful this glimpse of organization will lead to an easier time with school and keeping a handle on the mess that is her bedroom. Could she be coming around to my side?

One of Emma's good friends lives with her grandpa and has some different abilities, like fetal alcohol syndrome. She too struggles with disorganization. Her grandpa was telling me just the other day that he has started a new bedtime routine that seems to be effective. They went though her bedroom and did a major re-organization and clean-up. Since, each night before bed, he does an "inspection" to make sure everything has been returned to it's rightful place. An inspection of both her room and the other areas of the house she spends time in. If anything is amiss, she is to fix it before going to bed. While she complains about it, this routine is keeping a handle on the mess and the search for lost items in their house.

I told Emma we were going to start this at our house too. She is not happy. But first, we have to do yet another major clean-up and re-organization. Maybe I'll do that once they are back in school.
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