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A Day Inside My ADD Mind

Posted Feb 28 2012 11:06am

A glimpse inside the mind of an ADD’er would be very interesting from the perspective of a person who does not have ADD. Perhaps I can help. As I awaken, there is no laying in bed and lounging, my mind is in full motion and my body is still horizontal. My mind races, I should have some breakfast, get working, get the kids going for school. I’m up now. Get my bed made, time for a fruit smoothie, almond milk, blueberries, banana, protein, add some water, blend…..mmmmm, so good, to my desk,  look at my calendar! Lots going on today, that 2:00 meeting should be good, I’m starting to think about it too much though. Forget about it, I’m prepared and ready. Let’s check emails, OMG look at this spam, time to adjust my spam filter settings, a few responses, I’m going to think about a couple responses before I send. Kids are up, great, let’s chat and get breakfast in motion. Teaching them their way around the kitchen, they need to learn about self sufficiency. Doing a great job, great kids! Quick look at the news paper, my team is in first place, more economic woes, the economy is showing signs of life, wait, check this article out, I could do that, maybe I could pull a quick plan together and find an investor? Mmmmmmm, that smoothie is still tasting good, kids lunches are made, let’s get them off to school, off they go, have a great day! To my desk, work, work, work, work…….a little internet time. Work, work, reminder to call a client, lunch, but I need to get my run or work out in. Great stuff, all that tension building up, I feel so much better and focused now after a good work out. Quick shower, back to work, work, work, another reminder just popped up about a work task. School is out, kids home, meeting reminder just went off for me to dial into a conference call,  kids tutor just arrived, back to my desk, more work and my conference call, pay the tutor, hang out with the kids, start making dinner, kids are helping. Food is ready, good meal, time to help kids with homework, I don’t remember math being this hard, what’s with the new teaching methods?  Play time, OK, let’s watch a movie, popcorn, brush teeth, kids to bed, tuck in and snuggle time, so nice. Back to my desk, more work, OK let’s have a glass of red wine……mmmmm, that’s good! OK, I need to go to bed, in the warm covers I get, can’t sleep, too many thoughts racing through my head, tossing & turning, turn the TV on, watch sports highlights, flip to Seinfeld, I still love this show. Feeling a little sleepy, put the TV timer on, it goes off by its self, I fall asleep to wake up and do it again tomorrow.

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