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A Bunch of ADHD Ratatouille?

Posted Mar 17 2012 10:28am

OK, this is an interesting read, but I also think it needs to be taken with a grain of salt, that’s just my opinion though. In an article that just came out on entitled Cell Phone Radiation Causes ADHD in Lab Mice , researchers have found the effects of cell phone radiation on the offspring of pregnant mice could result in developmental disabilities including ADHD. Now my first question is……….is there an expert on ADHD with mice at Yale who determined this? Secondly, how is it determined that a mouse suffers from ADHD? Really, come on. Whats next, a mouse named Remy that can cook ratatouille? Third, my last curiosity is, well I don’t really have a third curiosity. However, is it just me or does this story seem like a little bit of a reach? I guess that could count as my third curiosity. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for research and development, lab mice have been very instrumental in supporting important medical break through work. Sorry if I’ve offended any mouse protection groups. This just seems a little odd to me that ADHD can be detected in a lab mouse, who typically scurries around a cage endlessly and stops at the exercise wheel, water break station, takes in life among the other mice for 3 seconds in cages and then runs the same cyclical habit a thousand more times like it is hyped upon crack. I don’t know, what do you think? I’m sure the minds at Yale know a lot more than I do. Perhaps a different result would be found if the lab mice used a Bluetooth device? Yes, I know the picture is of a rat, I’m just having fun :)

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