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9 Year Old David Militello Just Stole My Breathe

Posted Jul 11 2008 5:10pm

Last night I came home just in time to catch the tail end of “America’s Got Talent.” Normally I would have breezed right past this show, but since my wife was doing some “late-night” work on the couch - I decided to just sit down and leave things alone (rather than be the typical male that comes in and takes over).

Now, I really can’t stand shows like this - due in large part to American Idol’s style ofbashingandinsultingpeople auditioning who don’t meet their standards. I just can’t get behind a show that preys on the weaknesses of others - and then exploits them. Yes - I said it.

Sidebar out of the way, I really must tell you that I found myself inspired last night. I didn’t know all the details when I saw him sing and perform (to millions of people), but I did need to find out who he was.

Here’s what I knew(from last night’s show):

I saw a sweet little boy, who appeared small for his age, standing in front of a live audience and America, without a single drop of fear or anxiety on his face. At least he looked pretty comfortable for his age. (Commentary: I sure know I couldn’t do that.)

Anyway, he sang beautifully and in between camera shots of his performance, they moved to very touching scenes of his parents crying in disbelief - or more likelytears of joy. And these tears of joy became so powerful as they listened to America rise to their feet and applaud this little boy.

Because of who I am, I wondered if this little boy had a gift for the world? I knew there had to be more of a back-story to who he is… Not out of insult or injury - but simply because of how his performance was being presented.

Bottom Line?

“Google” Davidi Miletello or followthis link, and be inspired by this little boy’s story and accomplishment.

Diagnosed with autism, neither David or his parents let that get in the way of having him pursue a dream.

Thank you David! I am touched deeply by your courage and incredible perseverance.

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