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40 Work Hours a Week is Useless

Posted Mar 27 2012 12:21pm

Oh ya, a 40 hour work week boxed into a cubicle…..shoot me now please! Like many ADD’ers, I can’t imagine the thought of sitting at a desk in the corporate cubicle all day. I need to be interacting with people and mixing my work day up to stay fresh, focused and enjoy myself. If you are going to put in your 40 hour work week, you better be enjoying yourself. If not, you may be in a toxic job .

I read a great online article recently called Why Working More Than 40 Hours a Week is Useless by  Jessica Stillman which dives into the premise that consistently working more than 40 hours a week is simply unproductive, in fact it shows this has been the case for years. Jessica notes in her article that “For many in the entrepreneurship game, long hours are a badge of honor. Starting a business is tough, so all those late nights show how determined, hard working and serious about making your business work you are, right? Wrong. According to a handful of studies, consistently clocking over 40 hours a week just makes you unproductive (and very, very tired).

For any ADD’er, they can confirm that a 40 hour work week will suck the life out of them…….but that would be based on not working a smart 40 hour work week. Taking breaks for coffee, fresh air or lunch, pushing away from your desk, exercising and working hours that make sense for you and your life are the ideal situation, but not always reality. We all have to work, some jobs will allow a flexible approach to hours.

We all know finding the right work situation or environment is a challenge, I’ve been there too. It is however a key element in establishing the right work-life balance, which enables you to be the person you need to be at work and at home in your private life. I don’t recall hearing about anyone who died recently that had a eulogy praising the 50 hour work weeks they put in while missing out on life and not being  a part of their kids growing up. What are your thoughts?


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