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2012,Luxury Handbags Lighten Your Autumn Dress Up!

Posted Aug 18 2012 2:46am

Blake Lively for Chanel Ad Campaign Blake Lively AdCampaign Chanel 3 600x391

With the end of the Olympic Games, I think this time of year, all the famous designers in autumn winter season for travel. 2012 Fall & Winter series handbags choose to dream of bud silk, modern metal silver leather and costly PI Cao as the main material, creation gives combined with fashionable element with practical degree handbags. Chanel Cambon For Sale Prics In this series, stylist is the use of the fur, but with beautiful give priority to dozen of the color of profusion, build a noble luxury and youthful vitality with aesthetic feeling.

Chanel is no exception. Designer Largefeld 2012 autumn series handbags with costly PI cao, simple sense animal grain leather and beautiful eye stone as the main raw materials, concise and pure and fresh dark tonal design enriched the designer low-key and costly creation attitude. chanel collection 2010 bags In this series, more than a few big pack the classical money as the foundation, in the package surface artful beautiful idea, whether leather joining together, or fur dyeing can let handbags administrative levels feels more clear. In addition, hand bags, Largefeld chose to big gem stereo set to add texture, different color stones Mosaic position for hand bags to create or multicolored or gradient effect, absolutely let you very grab an eye at the party chanel bags online shop.

Relative to this bag is concerned, I think Chanel is so popular, the key lies in, the designer Chanel for different age class (especially women), are designed to meet their ”Style” fashion brand. For example, one of those brands whose bags I’ve always wanted to like but never really have. new chanel bags 2012 They always seemed directed at a slightly older, slightly less fashion-conscious customer, and while that’s certainly fine, it never gave me or anyone I know much to get excited about. Most brands who find themselves in that categorization eventually try to break free from it, though, and it was only a matter of time until the designer took the necessary steps.

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