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1950's Initial Heuer Triple Date Chronograph Ultra Rare Zenith Deck Chronometre With 5011K Motion

Posted Dec 20 2010 9:39am

Heuer chronographs from the the 1950's have a certain a thing that is hard to define. They are just so far more appealing than any modern-day Heuer (now Tag Heuer), along with we're not sure why. They are just so far more refined along with have so far more design and style than their current descendants. We have featured a few old-fashioned Heuer chrono's here on Hodinkee, nevertheless none using the good quality or looks of the one we have here right now.

This watch is a triple date (date, month, day time) chronograph in totally fantastic condition. This Replica Designer Handbags functions a common old-fashioned workhorse action from the Valjoux, along with is sized at 35mm. What seriously makes this watch be noticed is the bright blue outer register along with pencil hands. Everything is working completely along with the case, dial, along with action are signed along with unique.

We transpire to agree with this seller any time he says "this is one of the finest instances you may ever find" of a Heuer chronograph from the this time period. This watch is promoting for $4450, the is a lot for an old Heuer, nevertheless considering the condition along with appear of this watch, we believe it's fair.

It can be not daily that we speak about a watch that is not worn in your hand here on Hodinkee, nevertheless then once again it really is not each day that we come across a watch such as this. Really, what we have here is not a hand replica Taiga Leather, or even a pocketwatch, it really is a Deck Timepiece, or much more specifically, a Deck Chronometre. These types of designer watches, which are considerably larger than pocketwatches, are utilized by naval crews seeing as immensely correct wrist watches utilized for navigation.

This watch is a incredibly rare Deck Chonometer, one from the a excellent home with considerable provenance in back of it. It can be a truly one of a kind piece by Zenith sporting their infamous 5011K action in a rare silver case. This action, the was originally released by Zenith within the mid 1950's, was truly deemed as being probably the most precise action within the world in its category along with is still deemed among the finest movements offered. Zenith has made Deck Chronometres for the likes of the French, Italian, along with British navies along with airforces, nevertheless a thing tells us they weren't in this sort of condition or in a silver case.

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