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I have no professional training in Diet and Exercise. I do not claim to be an expert, only experienced. I have lost over 50 pounds twice. Once after the infamous Freshman 15, and once after having a baby. I have tried almost every diet on the market and read tons of books and literature on how... Full Bio
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Interesting Things about Chamomile

Chamomile is part of daisy flowers family. This plant is consumed for its relaxing effects and it is caffeine free. A long time ago, Germans...

6 Healthy Tips I Have Learned:

Portion control! There is no reason to pile food on your plate! Just take a reasonable amount, and you should be good! Overeating has...

Bean and Avocado Salad and Why it is Good for You

First I will show you how to make the salad then we will go into the nutrients and benefits of adding these foods to your menus. This salad is...

Weight Loss Surgery - Understanding the Risks

First and foremost, weight loss surgery is a major step to take and only recommended by doctors in a worse-case scenario i.e. when no other...

Surgical Weight Loss

We take a closer look at the reasons over-weight people and their families are considering surgery to combat the extra kilos and what are the...

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