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Raleigh, North Carolina
My name is Sara and my blog follows my journey to a happy and healthy lifestyle! I have gone through ups and downs in my journey and now I am trying to find my healthy balance. I would love to hear suggestions, tips, questions, or comments from all of you out there!
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Clean Apartment

Happy Saturday! I cannot believe how beautiful this entire weekend has been so far! I just got back from a 5 mile run. It feels so wonderful...

Greek Yogurt Craving

It was the most beautiful day in NC! My car was saying it was 89 degrees today. I couldn't believe it! The boyfriend joined me for a 4 mile run....

Hungry All the Time

BodyPump was awesome last night. It felt so good to work my muscles; sometimes it is nice to get a break from running. Day 1 of getting up...

Under Arm Jiggle

Happy Monday! I think Monday's are happy right? I am currently waiting to get the A/C fixed in my apartment. I was sleeping in an 83 degree...

Switch It Up

This weekend I learned a very important lesson, switch up your runs every once in a while. Ok, it may sound stupid, but we spent the weekend...

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