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Austin, Texas
In my personal life I enjoy all recreational sports on the water, kayaking, sculling and on land hiking, running and rock climbing. I enjoy weekly workouts at Lifetime fitness. Love photography especially capturing imagery hidden in landscapes, botany, wildlife, storms, indigenous tribes and cultural settings. In my quite time I am active in practicing yoga and living a life of equanimity. I manage the most beautiful places and care for wildlife here in Central Texas. I solely manage... Full Bio
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Jan 15 2010 by Active Austin

Two years ago I thought it wise to start seeing Dr. Levy just in case I followed my families cardiac history. He suggested I take blood pressure medicine but I didn't think medicine was the answer. I always believed what Aristotle once said, " The physcial heals nature makes well." I decided to not refill my prescriptions but to instead join a gym and chip away at the root causes for my declining health. Today, Dr. Levy recommend not to refill my medication. Then he said see you in a year!

Jan 12 2010 by Active Austin

In High School and college I ran cross country and the mile in four and a half minutes. I rarely stretch and now feel the tension and suffer from chronic lower back pain. I invested the last two years on massage and Lifetime fitness to restore my flexibility. I hope having reminders and a like minded community will help me reach my goal.

I miss running and want to get back on the trails and track but have patience and I hopefully can run a 5k by end of year. All the stars are aligning!:)

Jan 12 2010 by Robinsgothealth

I am loving your goals...they are very awesome and go!

Yours in HEalth,



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