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To serve as an advocate for non-profit hospitals and the value of those hospitals. To support collaboration among those hospitals to improve quality and safety and reduce costs. To discuss issues in an open forum that impact the ability of those hospitals to successfully improve the... Full Bio
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3 more ways to take supply chain to the C-level

In case you missed my previous post , I discussed 3 ways to take supply chain to the C-level. Build relationships and align with...

Pressure ulcers and the cost of preventable harm

Last October 2014, many healthcare providers acutely experienced the revenue impact of care quality as the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid...

The evolution of primary care

The concept of population health is straightforward. Achieving it, not so much. Managing care outside of the healthcare system is becoming...

How do we talk about mortality?

A colleague and I were recently preparing for a talk on hospital mortality at a national conference, and we’d decided to include a picture of...

How I’m making a difference in healthcare: Spotlight on a Premier field expert

The rising cost of healthcare. We hear about it 24/7 – in the papers, on the news, even when I travel and talk with people from other...
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