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To serve as an advocate for non-profit hospitals and the value of those hospitals. To support collaboration among those hospitals to improve quality and safety and reduce costs. To discuss issues in an open forum that impact the ability of those hospitals to successfully improve the... Full Bio
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What reference architecture can do for healthcare analytics

When I went to England for business a few years ago, I left my smartphone on the train from London to Winchester. I didn’t realize it until I...

A culture of safety

Navigating the healthcare system can be complicated (sometimes even risky). Although healthcare providers often deliver high-quality lifesaving...

What’s right about healthcare?

We all have something in common when it comes to healthcare. We’ve been patients, had a family or friend in the hospital or even worked in the...

Is the transformation of healthcare really working?

Change is difficult. Yet, we’re in the midst of the most significant change in healthcare since the introduction of Medicare in the...

Calling an audible on your ICD-10 play

Many factors go into a quarterback’s audible and there are many ways to audible (mental, physical, etc.). An audible can consist of completely...
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