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To serve as an advocate for non-profit hospitals and the value of those hospitals. To support collaboration among those hospitals to improve quality and safety and reduce costs. To discuss issues in an open forum that impact the ability of those hospitals to successfully improve the... Full Bio
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Integrated data is not a fantasy

Another baseball season is underway, which means another round of fantasy baseball for millions of fans, including me. I’ve been playing...

Top 4 healthcare sourcing questions, answered

As a 30+ year practicing surgical services nurse, and now a clinical product planner, I’ve seen both sides of the healthcare sourcing process....

The change agent for physician preference – data

Changing preferences is hard work. Preferences for certain devices develop early in a physician’s career, often in medical school where they...

5 ways to involve staff in culture change

I previously shared my secret weapon on tackling culture change based on a question asked during a webinar on reducing harm . The question...

March Madness in DC: Congress kicks the can again

As Congress’ March 31 decision came and went this week, I’m left to wonder – will the 12th year of kicking the can be the last? Congress has...
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