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To serve as an advocate for non-profit hospitals and the value of those hospitals. To support collaboration among those hospitals to improve quality and safety and reduce costs. To discuss issues in an open forum that impact the ability of those hospitals to successfully improve the... Full Bio
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How Cone Health is keeping its residents healthy

Profound changes are underway for healthcare in our nation. For too long, we’ve focused on treating people after they’re sick. Incentives were...

Riverside Health System leads the way in supply chain

Riverside Health System of Newport News, VA, was recently named Supply Chain Department of the Year by Healthcare Purchasing News (HPN). As a...

Six steps to revive the mortality review process

As an avid reader I often stumble upon quotes that become temporary mottos. While noodling over how to improve the mortality review process...

Words of wisdom for new summer interns

To future interns, Welcome to the next big step in your life. Things are about to change – but for the better. You are probably...

E-commerce: Are we solving the right problems?

Recently, I took my 2½-year-old daughter to visit Reed Gold Mine in Midland, NC, near Charlotte. A tour guide told the history of the mine...
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