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Returning to the blogosphere

Hello everyone. Wow, it's dusty around these parts; it's been quite a while! I have taken several months away from the blogosphere, trying to...

Not from this angle!

In my email this morning, I found two articles that hit two issues where I have significant interest. I first read Joseph Ganem's article on A Math...

31 Days of Awesome

It's October regardless of that a few days have passed before I got this post authored. Things have been incredibly busy with just about everyone...

More Thoughts on Trash

Lately I have been blogging about issues much closer to my scholarship rather than generalities and particularities of being a graduate student. As...

Please look at the legend before you assume you know the scale

Ugh, what. a. week. Lots of discussions, lots of frustrations, and lots of nodding and smiling so I did not say something I should not say. To...

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