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I am a Certified Martha Beck Mind-Body Coach.  I works with clients who are excited... Full Bio
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Killing the Inner Critic with Kindness

Do you ever have days when your inner critic just won’t stop? When you beat yourself up for pretty much everything, from your hair to your...

Being Human – How I’ve Been Navigating Big Change

I thought it would be fun to do a little video today, and to show you all my new office! (Can you tell I’m excited about it?) I’ve been...

The How of Healing

In the last post , I wrote about getting mind and body in sync, and why that feels/heals so good. This week, let’s talk about how! How do...

What if You Could Feel Really, Really Good? Let’s Do It.

Here’s a good question: What does it look like when your mind and body are working in sync? We spend a lot of time talking about having...

The Connection between your Soul Mission and Well-Being

When I started my coaching practice, I did so because I felt a strong passion for working with others around the mind-body connection. I...

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Feb 13 2009 by Abigail S.

Check out my blog for the exciting free telecourse Thursday, Feb. 19: 

The Power of the Mind-Body Connection: Less Stress, Less Pain, More Freedom. 

Nov 15 2008 by Abigail S.
Hi everyone!  Welcome!

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