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I am a Certified Martha Beck Mind-Body Coach.  I works with clients who are excited... Full Bio
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Being Human – How I’ve Been Navigating Big Change

I thought it would be fun to do a little video today, and to show you all my new office! (Can you tell I’m excited about it?) I’ve been...

The How of Healing

In the last post , I wrote about getting mind and body in sync, and why that feels/heals so good. This week, let’s talk about how! How do...

What if You Could Feel Really, Really Good? Let’s Do It.

Here’s a good question: What does it look like when your mind and body are working in sync? We spend a lot of time talking about having...

The Connection between your Soul Mission and Well-Being

When I started my coaching practice, I did so because I felt a strong passion for working with others around the mind-body connection. I...

Reclaiming My Life

by Endorsed Mind-Body Coach , Linda Bayly-Fennell Once upon a time not that many years ago I was having a nervous breakdown of sorts.  In...

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Feb 13 2009 by Abigail S.

Check out my blog for the exciting free telecourse Thursday, Feb. 19: 

The Power of the Mind-Body Connection: Less Stress, Less Pain, More Freedom. 

Nov 15 2008 by Abigail S.
Hi everyone!  Welcome!

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