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Kansas City, Missouri
I am a mother of a 5 year old girl with Rett Syndrome. I devote my life to her care and educating the world on her condition and all things that come with it. I feel strongly that the information I post is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I try to show the world that Rett Syndrome... Full Bio
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Finally.....A van

Sorry so late with this. Because of a local family, actually 2 local families and their friends and family we finally have a van. A wheelchair...

A Day for Grandma

My 91 year old Grandma passed away in December. I knew when I was going to Washington that I would bring part of her with me. She loved the state...

What I did on my summer vacation

This summer has been pretty cool. We did a few things we've never done before. There is musch more we would have like to have done and...

Catch up on my Mom and some awesome pics

These first few comeback blogs will be from Abby's perspective or narrative as her Mom thinks it is My Mom has been complaining of...

We are back!

I have missed my blog and am re opening it. There are some things I want to say before we all proceed. 1. It's my blog. Not yours. My...

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