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Abby White is a mother of two and dedicated epicure, whose interest in health and fitness led her to seek out a balance between self-indulgence and austerity. She is certified as both an Eating Coach and Personal Fitness Trainer. Abby received her Personal Trainer Certification from the Cooper... Full Bio
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Detox is not a Dirty Word

Hello Everyone! We are on Spring Break in Bend, OR!  We are having a great time exploring a new part of Oregon.  The topography is completely...

There's Still Time- Register Today for My Spring Detox and Save

Good Afternoon and Happy Friday! As I confessed a few days ago, I used to be a diet junkie.  I have tried Sugar...

Healthy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough- OMG!

Honestly, this cookie dough is actually healthy and "Oh My GOODNESS" tasty!   The secret ingredients is CHICKPEAS which provides the cookie...

Detox with Abby- Registration is now OPEN

Good Afternoon and Happy Tuesday! I am excited to announce that Registration for my Spring Detox is now OPEN!  Yay! You can check out all...

Happy St. Patrick's Day Green Recipes

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I love this holiday because it is all about being GREEN. I am a huge fan of anything green and am particularly partial...

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