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Abby Harris

My name is Abby, and I am a stay at home mom to two fabulous kiddos, aged 3 and 10 months. Between the bottles and Barbies and baby poop, I like to blog.
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Is this real life? Where am I?

Holy shit, I am blogging. It seems I may have taken such a long hiatus from this blog that I, um, missed a WHOLE SEASON OF THIS YEAR. This shall...

A smattering of pointless crap.

Snow storms, pop-up warm patches of weather, family members in bad health, dogs who insist on pooping behind the couch no matter how many times...

I can see now how the whole Unabomber thing happened.

I woke up to this And this And briefly felt like this: For all the amazement and shrieks of delight that a heavy snow...

Snapshots of a snow day.

It snowed! Again! School is cancelled! Again! Rather than let this loss of a schedule get me down, I resolved this morning to make it the best,...

Working Hypothesis: Most alcoholics have two year olds.

Has lost his will to live, for no other reason than the sun chose to rise again that morning. There is a general rule of thumb in...
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