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Empowerment through Physical Fitness

Being overweight is a SYMPTOM – without discovering the CAUSE, you will never lose weight! I am a Beachbody Fitness Coach and I represent...

Military Might and Muscle compliments of Team Beachbody

I am 40-years old and I just SMOKED my entire Air Force Squadron in our annual physical fitness test, and I did it by getting in shape with...

How to Get Ready for the P90X Experience

By Denis Faye and the Team Beachbody® Community When it comes to Beachbody® workouts, you can go no higher than P90X . From the full...

90 Day P90X After Pictures

My 90 Day P90X After Pictures came out GREAT, and that’s because P90X WORKS. P90X gets the job done if you do the work and follow the program....

Save more than 50% on High Quality Backpacks

Anyone who is into the outdoors, or has to cart their workout gear, protein, and supplements around everywhere, will agree that a high quality...

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Aaron P.'s Whiteboard
Jan 28 2011 by amylyn07
Hey Aaron, I was reading up on your posts about the P90X program and how I could chose the lean course. I am struggling with Yoga any suggestions? Secondly does it really work, I am 5'2 and lots of muscle but I weigh 170 which is really heavy for someone that short, what sort of foods should I be eating with this, I got the program from a school that bought it so I just have the discs nothing more! - Amy Stein (
Jan 15 2009 by mjbaker
What exactly is happiness
May 26 2008 by Aaron P.

Hi, Mary!

Very much obliged for the welcome! I am using the P90X home fitness system for my weight loss and fitness goals, and it is a 6-day per week program, which is why I chose 6-days of exercise per week as my goal here on Wellsphere. I actually started it on May 1st and have worked out 6 (sometimes 7) days per week since then, and the results are already showing.

Looking forward to learning more about the Wellsphere community! :)

- Aaron