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Tired of healthy things

Posted by Tetty


There is always a time when I got bored with the effort to stay healthy. Do meditation, yoga, swimming and eat vegetarian raw food every each day. Eventhough I know that I don't have any other choice than to face it, otherwise I won't see my self live like 'normal' people do.

Usually, I close myself in my bedroom. Start to communicate it to the LORD and cry if I'm able to cry. When it's done, fortunately I get the strength.

Have you ever feel that way? What do you do when it happened? 

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I think it's normal to get tired of eating healthy all the time. If that happens, it's important to remember that everything is best in moderation. If you want to indulge a little bit, treat yourself to a little sweet or something - just don't go overboard. You will satisfy your craving, and should not feel guilty.
It sounds like your "healthy" lifestyle has become a burden and I can't imagine that's good for you emotionally or mentally. If you are a vegetarian for religious or political reasons then I guess it's important to stick with it. But maybe you can find some way to bring some joy into your life. You seem to be doing everything right so I don't know where the crying is coming from. I agree with Anonimal22 that you need to treat yourself, whether it is with a sweetie or maybe just to do something different. Get a friend to go have coffee with you or see a movie. Could you be too isolated? My niece is a vegan and has become very involved in the vegan community in her town. She has a lot of friends to support her in her anti-animal campaign and is really happy. Maybe you could try to connect with vegetarians in your town. To me it sounds more like you're searching for something rather than that your lifestyle is bringing you down. I know it can be difficult to be a vegetarian or a vegan but there are communities out there and they can be a great support. God bless you and keep you strong, happy and healthy! 
It sounds like this has become too strict to allow you the freedom to live your life fully- being healthy doesn't have to be a chore. The key is to find some middle ground and balance between being healthy and living/experiencing the world fully. If your regular exercise regime is not interesting you, try something new...go rowing, play tennis, take a dance class. You don't have to follow a strict diet if it doesn't feel right to you, but if you do choose to...try new foods. Pick up some vegetables and spices you have never tried before. Try combinations you would never have imagined (I just heard that eggplant and cinnamon go well together!) Think outside the box and get creative... :) Good luck!

Tetty, I have always held the belief that there is more than one right way to do things.  It sounds as if the work you've been doing to be healthy might fit into an "accepted" idea of what healthy looks like, but it doesn't work for your life.

If I were you, I'd try to think about the things I really like to eat and want to do, and then try to modify them into "healthy approaches."  For instance, there are times when going on my standard 3-5 mile run makes me want to scream with boredom.  It makes me miss the times I used to walk along the river every night after work, before I became a runner.

At those times, I give myself to walk instead of run.  I'm still moving and building strength--yet I'm able to give myself a change of pace and reconnect with an activity I really enjoy.

I agree with the above suggestion by Ellie to switch things up, try to remember what it is you really like about moving and eating well and reconnect, reconnect, reconnect....

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