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family & friend's dinners

Posted by Felipe


Im new to Wellsphere but I've been doing yoga for many months and this has made me more self aware of my body's needs and my health. Im not sure I want to become vegetarian but Im enjoying more and more to increase the quota of vegetables in my servings and specially raw vegetables.

I have some overweight and I've had it for a couple of years now. My main problem controlling my diet are my family dinners. In my family the portions are huge and we all enjoy to eat in family like if there's no tomorrow. As I'm an anxious person I find it hard to control myself when I have large amounts of delicious food in front of me. This doesn't happen when Im at work or at home usually its easy to control how much I eat.

To overcome these situations I've started to demand that the portions and the quality of the food served are reduce so they can help me achieve my goals of eating like a normal person should. Usually this dictatorial behavior usually would be taken as a party popper in this situation but since everyone in my family has tendency to have some overweight they are starting to adapt to my demands and support me a lot.

These situations also happens with some friends but they are harder to control since those are the on those moments of the week where one just wants to relax and have fun.

Does this happens to anyone else?

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That totally happens to me when I'm with friends. You try to control yourself, but everyone around you is eating things you know you shouldn't so you let yourself indulge a little. 


I find for me, if I eat a large portion of the food I want before I get into these situations I'm less likely to eat too much of the not so good food when I go out. I'll be too full to eat nearly as much, or I may feel so satisfied that I choose not to eat out which saves me money and calories.  

Well Felipe you are doing correct nice to hear you are following yoga but therapeutic yoga and balance diet is necessary for you. While doing yoga & Asana especially forward bending, twisting and backward bending asanas help reduce the fats near abdomen, hips and other areas.Next sun saluation ( surya Namaskar ) every day 24 sun salutations with a speed of 4 rounds in 1 minute is good for obesity or weight gain. Breathing exercise ( pranayam) Kapalbhati, Bhasrika & fast breathing is good. While taking about diet raw vegetables, fruits are good and avoid non veg, refined, processed food .

Hi Jeff and Dr Ram Mani, thanks for your comments!

I've been trying your recommendations and they are very helpful. I wish I had more energy in the morning to do the 24 sun salutations at such speed. Should I stop for 5 breaths at the  pose? I haven't done pranayam exercises yet, I should start asking my yoga teacher for pointers to start

I really apreciate your help on this matter. I wish there were more ayurvedic doctors here in argentina. 


When you are with friends and family, usually things are centered around food. One thing I do is if we are going out to eat, I check out the menu online beforehand since they usually list nutritional information.
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