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Sperm Count - Urine

When I urinate I often have some urine that comes out when I think I am finished.  Does this effect my sperm count?  Thanks

Sperm - Reproduction - Sex

How often can men have sex when trying to start a family?  Every other day? Every 3 days?  I have head mixed answers. What are the...

Sperm Count Inquiry - 36 year old - 09-23-09

 My wife and I are trying to have children but I am worried that my frequent masterbation this past Winter, Spring, and Summer may have permanent...
36 yr old Male's Whiteboard
Sep 28 2009 by 36 yr old Male

My wife and are are trying to start a family. 

Is it recommended to have sex every 2 days or 3 days and then why?





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