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Keiko Zoll

Boston, Massachusetts
Keiko Zoll is an infertility advocate and women's health writer living in Massachusetts. She... More
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Stay Tuned.

I know – yet another apologetic “sorry I haven’t been writing more regularly” post. It’s a habit of mine lately. For the sake of time (because I...

Yes, Personhood Would Ban IVF – And Here’s How

I know I’ve been writing about personhood a lot lately. It’s an issue not only important to me as a woman, but as a member of the infertility...

Infertility Patients Are Unintended Targets of ‘Personhood’ Amendments

Folks, it is go time in Colorado and North Dakota . Personhood ballots in both states, with their vague, unscientific and definitions about...

Just Relax? More Like Just Don’t, Amirite?

Ask any infertility patient their least two favorite words and I betcha, dollars to donuts, you’ll get the same two words every time: “Just...

Why I Go to the RESOLVE New England Annual Infertility & Adoption Conference

In 2009, after I had been dealt quite the blow with my premature ovarian failure diagnosis, Larry and I were left with lots of questions and few...

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